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5 villains of the Bible

5 villains of the Bible

Here are five villains that can be found in the Bible.

queen jezebel

It’s hard to argue with the Old Testament’s evil queen. Queen Jezebel led her husband, Ahab, the king of Israel, into idolatry. This woman was a priestess of the pagan, false god Baal (1 Kings 16:29-33) and inspired Ahab and Israel to forsake the one true God. And the kind of worship that took place there is so repulsive that I will not even tell you what it involved. One of the most horrific parts of Baal’s worship services was human sacrifice, which included sacrificing children.

Herod the (not so) Great

King Herod (or Herod the Great) may have been the evilest person. Even though he was dubbed the “King of Judea” by the Roman authorities, we do know that he ordered the murder of all children 2 years old and under to ensure that the king about whom the Magi spoke Told them that he would never be born. Nativity (Matthew 22:1-23). This was known as the killing of the innocent. He was so worried about losing his power and throne that he murdered his wife and two sons. He also killed hundreds of innocent rabbis, and historians write that he wanted to increase his wealth, so he killed dozens of the wealthiest families in Judea in order to take their wealth for himself.

Judas Iscariot

Judas had fooled every single disciple and probably most of the rest of Jesus but Jesus knew that this man of betrayal, called the son of perdition, was going to betray him, yet Jesus washed his feet. Judas betrayed the Son of God for 30 pieces of silver, about the price of a slave during his day. Is it any wonder that after the death of Jesus, hardly anyone dared to name their child Judas again? Try and find that name in use today.

Cain, brother of Abel

The story begins when “Cain brought an offering of the produce of the land to Yahweh, and Abel also brought some of the firstborn of his flocks and some of their fat. And Yahweh accepted Abel and his offering, but Cain took no account of his offering” (Genesis 4:3-5a). Why did God accept Abel’s sacrifice and not Cain’s? Perhaps this was because there was an animal sacrifice that required blood and met God’s requirements as a cover for sin but Cain’s sacrifice was only a sacrifice of produce and clearly not sufficient for a sacrifice. There wasn’t and Cain became enraged and eventually became the first murderer in human history.

Saul of Tarsus

Saul who later became Paul was the most brutal of all the persecutors of the early church. Paul acknowledged that he was “no less zealous, persecuting the church” (Phil 3:6) and “as zealous for God as any of you” (Acts 22:3). The council itself “as high priest and all” can testify. I received letters from them to their companions in Damascus and went there to bring them as prisoners to Jerusalem to be punished” (Acts 22:4). In the early church, “Saul He went from house to house, dragging men and women into prison” (Acts 8:3) and even “breathing threats and murder” until Saul was killed on the road to Damascus. disciples of the Lord” (Acts 9:1). Here was God’s grace in action, showing that what was once the greatest threat to the church (Saul) became the church’s greatest writer and missionary (in Paul) Even a Saul can become Paul to save by the power of God. Please note that I included Saul as one of the 5 greatest villains of the Bible, but when he is saved, So old man Saul is gone and he becomes a new man… a new creature in Christ Jesus, born again like each one of us.

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