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5 Christian New Year’s Resolutions

5 Christian New Year’s Resolutions

Here are 5 Christian New Year’s resolutions you can consider making.

Create a Prayer Journal

I once started writing down prayer requests because I had received so many prayers but then I took a notebook and started writing down prayer requests, the person’s name, and the date, and then later I could look back and see that God How faithful he was in answering these prayers. , Sometimes He answered quickly, and sometimes His answer was different and other times it was even better than what I had prayed for. Next year start your own prayer journal to record prayer requests and then you can make it a “Praise and Prayer Request Journal”.

read the bible in a year

I have a Bible where it gives you the day of the month and if you read so many chapters in a day you can read the Bible in a year. I try not to rush my reading but it keeps me on task. I actually make myself read something from the Old Testament and the New Testament every day so that I can take God’s Word into me. If you enter into the word of God, the word of God will enter into you. I guarantee it.

witnessing at least once a week

DL Moody made a vow or contract with God to testify to at least one person per day for the rest of his life and he was faithful. about a night at Ten o’clock, he realized he hadn’t testified to anyone yet, so he got out of bed, got dressed, and in the Chicago snow, went out into the street and spoke to a man standing by a lamppost, asking him, “Are you a Christian?” The man flew into a violent rage and threatened to throw Moody into a gutter. Later, the same man went to an elder at the church and complained that Moody was “doing more harm than ten people in Chicago.” The elder pleads with Moody to temper his enthusiasm with wisdom. Three months later, the same man came to Moody and apologized for losing his temper and said, “I want to talk to you about my soul.” The man survived because DL Moody wasn’t afraid to share the gospel, even if it drove someone crazy. If you can’t find it in yourself to share the gospel with someone every day, try to do it at least once per week. This means that you will have testified for Christ 52 times in one year! You will never regret it.

Become a Mentor & Find a Mentor

I have an older, retired pastor who mentors me and I have a younger man who I mentor. I believe this is very important for Christians and for the reason that Jesus asked to make disciples and to teach them to follow all the things he taught them. Every Paul needs a Timothy just as every Timothy needs a Paul. Find a mentor and then become one for anyone else who is new to the faith.

start something new

A few years ago when an elderly member of our church broke her hip, she ended up at a local assisted living center. Since she couldn’t come to church, I brought the church to her. I read the Bible to him and the other residents liked it so I started meeting other older members. Statistics show that 60% of assisted living center residents or nursing homes never have someone to visit them so in my opinion, I found something that would please God… there are orphans and Visiting Widows (James 1:27, How many orphans and widows are there in the nursing home? Almost every one of them!

May God richly bless you,


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